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Take your brand to the next level with our global full-service
marketing agency specializing in creative media production.

Take your brand to the next level with our full-service marketing agency specializing in creative media production.


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Werz Company is a full-service marketing agency that works with brands all across industries and the globe.

We partner with brands to help grow their online presence with creative content for social media and/or paid ads that thoughtfully connect with the target audience.

We offer monthly creative packages including: Brand Photography/Videography, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing.

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Case Study

One of our favorite case studies was working with Demoleap. Demoleap is a real-time AI sales assistant that guides your teams during calls to run perfect qualification, discovery and live sales demos.

The Objective: Our goal was to create on-brand comedic videos for their launch of Demoleap "Mastermind" - these videos would be used on their landing page to drive conversions and their Product Hunt launch.

The Process: We worked closely with the founding & marketing team to develop concepts that aligned with interests of the prospective customer group. We researched customer profiles, competitors, and current marketing to craft scripts that would be compelling.

The Result: With the landing page and Linkedin Ads, our videos helped drive a 60% increase in website sessions during the launch months and a 2x increase in leads.

Client Testimonial – Demoleap

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"With every video project from Werz Company, we have seen growth in our customer base and truly recognize the power of well-crafted brand videos. The videos are of high quality and engaging, helping us expand our reach and attract new prospective customers."
Adam Kline
PolymerFilms, General Manager