Why Video Advertising is Important in 2021

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The growing popularity of video content is evident from the fact that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. 

A well-crafted video ad provides physical proof about your business, is easier to consume, encourages social shares, and is great for your website’s Google ranking.

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why video ads are important for your business in 2021. 

Video Ads Boost Sales

Research shows that videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by 80%. So, once you bring relevant traffic to your landing page, video ads will play a major part in making them reach for their wallets.  

Moreover, explainer video ads are a great way to describe your business. Studies suggest 74% of people bought the product after watching an explainer video about it.  

Video is Easy to Consume

Another reason why video marketing is important in 2021 is that video is easy to consume. Video ads allow you to deliver your message fast and in an entertaining way. People like that these days. 

Moreover, not every buyer is going to read through the product descriptions before buying your products. 

You can effectively target those lazy buyers with an appealing video ad. 

Provides Great ROI

Amazingly, you don’t even have to put sound in your video ads and still reach a massive audience.  

For instance, look at these two stats: 

  1. Facebook has over 2.7 B active users. 
  2. 85% of the Facebook videos are consumed without sound

So, you can persuade most of them with just visuals. Making video ads isn’t that difficult and expensive either. There are a lot of user-friendly and affordable video creation tools out there. 

This minimizes your video marketing efforts while ensuring good reach and ROI.  

Provides Physical Proof

Content marketing, when done right, provides your readers with relevant information that solves their problems while putting your business in front of them. 

Video marketing is a great way to tell your potential customers that you exist. And how your business can fix their problems. 

Great for Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Video marketing is a great way to increase the dwell time on your website. Dwell time is the amount of time a user stays on your website. The longer a visitor stays on your page, the better it is for your Google search ranking. 

Videos tend to make them stay longer, which eventually helps you rank better and get more traction for your business. 

Encourages Social Shares

Videos on social media generate 12 times the shares compared to images and text combined. 

So, if you are investing in video marketing, chances are you will multiply your brand’s reach and awareness. 

Final Thoughts

One major reason why video marketing generates more leads is that your target audience likes to consume video content. 

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, attention-grabbing video ads aren’t going to fail you if you are putting them in front of the right audience. 

So, identify who your prospects are, build buyer personas, and create short and appealing video ads for your products to maximize your returns in 2021. 

Let’s grow your business with a video ad campaign

Video is the future of online advertising. And with it, comes the power of driving sales and new customers.