How to Use Video to Grow Your Business

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Do you know why video marketing is so effective for business growth?
Because it conveys the message effectively and is a preferred format for most content consumers. So, why not use it to grow your business? While it can consume your resources, once you experience the returns video marketing can get you, you won’t shy away from it. Let’s discuss some ways you can use video to grow your business.

Educate Your Prospects using Video Marketing
Your potential customers are looking for answers to their questions. And, they prefer to watch videos to get that information. Use video to educate your viewers about your business; add value to their life and then try to solve their problems by offering your product.

Use Video to Sell
In addition to an effective communication medium, video tends to convert more. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a fact: 64% of people buy the product they see a video about. And, 70% of marketing experts report that video provides better conversion compared to any other form of marketing.
Using video, you can explain your services/products better. When the message you want to convey to your audience is effectively delivered, there is a higher chance that your viewers will convert. A great way to attract prospects is by creating a short teaser for your PPC ads. Once you grab their attention and bring them to your landing page, you can then present your product in a longer video. This way, you can bring in a quality audience that’s genuinely interested in your offerings.

Expand Your Reach on Social Media with Video Marketing
Social media is a blessing for business owners. The fact that millions of people are scrolling their social media feed provides you a big opportunity.
But, your success will depend on how you use that audience. Video marketing can significantly increase your brand’s reach on social media.
A video on social media generates 1200% higher shares compared to image and text combined. So, if you are not using video to expand your reach, it’s never too late.

Improve Your Business Website’s SEO with Video
You must be wondering how can a video increase website’s search engine ranking? Well, SEO works in mysterious ways. You see, dwell time is an important ranking factor in Google’s eyes. When someone spends more time on your page, it tends to rank better.

Use Video Testimonials
Testimonials add to your business’s credibility. And, video testimonials make things more realistic. So, use video testimonials to gain the trust of your target audience.

Final Thoughts
As a business, you need to follow your potential customers. Video marketing is important because your potential customer prefers consuming it over other mediums. So, use video to educate your audience and build trust with them. And, spread your reach through video marketing on social media. Video tends to convert more, so make use of it even if it requires your resources. After all, it offers an impressive conversion rate, which is what every business strives for.

Let’s grow your business with a video ad campaign

Video is the future of online advertising. And with it, comes the power of driving sales and new customers.