How to Spend Your Marketing Budget for the Best ROI: Video

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Did you know viewers retain 95% of a message delivered through video while it’s just 10% through text? What does that mean for your business? Simple: A better understanding of your service/product leads to more conversions and eventually, more customers. Video marketing needs a little more work than text-based marketing. But there is a higher chance of conversions. However, a lot more goes into successful video marketing than just making a great video. Let’s discuss how you should spend your marketing budget for the maximum ROI.

Educate Your Audience through Video
Videos are a great way to deliver your message. They are a go-to resource for most people for learning new concepts. Leverage its appeal and educate your prospects about the things related to your business. When you add value to their life, they will start trusting you. This improves the chance of converting them as your customer. You can also use video marketing to put your services/products directly in front of them. Video ads tend to generate more sales.

Use Video in Your PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns
Pay Per Click ads can boost your conversions if you use them wisely. One strategy that can improve the click-through rate is the use of video in PPC campaign. People just can’t ignore eye-catching and interesting videos. You don’t have to make a full video for a PPC ad; just a teaser is enough to grab the attention of your prospects. You can then use a full video once they land on your website.

Use Video to Sell
According to a study, 64% of viewers will buy a product after they watch a branded video about it. Video communicates your message better; it will explain your services/products better. So, when you tell your audience about your products using the power of video marketing, it’s likely going to get good sales.

Don’t Ignore SEO in Video Marketing
Search engine optimization is like a marathon. It requires patience; but once you are up there at the top of the search results, you won’t probably need to invest anymore. Don’t ignore the SEO of your videos. Use hashtags that your potential customers are searching for. Write the title and description to help users, as well as search engines, understand what your video is about.

Add Videos to Your Landing Pages
A landing page video can boost your conversion by 80%. A video keeps your visitors on your page longer, which gives them more time to absorb your message. Plus, video is great for conversions, which is why we build landing pages, right?

Final Thoughts
While video marketing may seem time-consuming and costly, using it in the right ways can prove to be highly lucrative for your business.
Videos grab attention. They build trust and credibility. Plus, visuals are a great way to communicate your message to your target audience.
So, don’t miss out on this great marketing strategy. Spend your marketing budget smartly and utilize the power of video to achieve maximum ROI.

Let’s grow your business with a video ad campaign

Video is the future of online advertising. And with it, comes the power of driving sales and new customers.